Pradeep Pattanayak

Gopalpur MLA and BJP leader, Pradeep Panigrahi on Saturday countered Nrusingha Charan Sahu’s remark that the BJD will win over 110 seats, saying the BJP will fight alone and form government in Odisha. 

Earlier in the day, while responding to media queries, BJD MLA Sahu had said that his party will win in over 110 seats, irrespective of whether there is an alliance or not.

Gopalpur MLA Panigrahi, who recently joined the BJP camp said, “The state president has already clarified twice that there would be no alliance. The BJP will fight the elections alone and will form government in Odisha.”  

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He said the Prime Minister’s Jajpur public meeting has frightened BJD. “Had I not said a tsunami would come? It was evident from the PM’s Jajpur meeting. I walked seven kilometers to reach the meeting spot and on the way, I saw how people were enthusiastic to see and hear PM Modi.”

“Why don’t they (the BJD) come forward and say they would not enter into any alliance with the BJP and contest the elections alone? If they have guts they should throw a challenge to the BJP,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Chilika MLA and BJP leader, Prashant Jagdev made the ongoing alliance debate more interesting saying whether there will be an alliance or not, the BJD will go on supporting the BJP as it used to do in the past.

“There is nothing to worry about the fate of the alliance. We will accept whatever decision the central leaders will take for the sake of the nation and state’s development,” he said.

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