Mrunal Manmay Dash

Union Defence Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Rajnath Singh, who is on an Odisha tour today asserted that BJP will have a government in Odisha too.

Speaking to party members in a meeting at Nabarangpur, Singh said that there is a BJP government at the Centre and the same government will be here in Odisha as well.

“We have worked in every village, every district during the days when BJP was not a big political party. We never have thought that the BJP would form a government at the Centre on its own. Exactly like that, BJP will form government in Odisha too,” Singh said.

"The Congress government in Odisha was just laying foundation stones. Our Prime Minister is completing the work. Where the foundation stone is laid, work is also being done,” he said.

Singh asked workers to dedicate 12 hours daily to the party and 12 hours to the family.

“Unfinished work will be completed in Modi's third term. Political analysts say our government will be here too. In no case should the activists back down,” he said

Invoking his connection with Odisha, Singh said, “I have an emotional connection with Odisha. We had undertaken a Bharat Suraksha Yatra during the Congress government. I started the Bharat Suraksha Yatra from Odisha. At that time terrorism and Naxalism were everywhere. But after the Pulwama incident, there has been a befitting reply. Naxalism is now limited to only a few districts.”

"The picture of the entire country has changed after Modi became prime minister. There should be a double-engine government here too,” he said.

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He advised every party worker to go to every beneficiary with PM Modi's message.

“We have fulfilled everything we said in the manifesto. We said we would lift Article 370, we lifted Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. We said we would remove triple talaq, and we kept our word. We are doing politics, only to build the nation. Congress has cheated the people of the country for a long time. Modi has freed 25 crore people from poverty after coming to power. The Centre has provided toilets for 11 crore people, and pucca houses for 4 crore people. Thirty lakh people in Odisha have got pucca houses,” Singh said.

“Our government has never discriminated against Odisha. Medical colleges and engineering colleges have increased here. The sole objective of our Prime Minister is to serve the people,” Singh added.

After his address at Nabarangpur, Singh moved to Ambapua near Berhampur, where he addressed party members.

Speaking at Ambapua, Singh said, “Looking at the excitement among the BJP cadres in Odisha, I am sure that Odisha will see a BJP government soon. As far as the MP seats are concerned, BJP had secured a majority in 2014. Our party won even more seats in 2019. I hope the NDA will secure more than 400 seats this election.”

“You have seen Congress rule for a long time in India. Our country was considered weak and poor during their rule. Our national security situation deteriorated over the years during the Congress rule. But after 2014, our stature has increased globally. We have eradicated terrorists and Maoists from our country to a great extent. We now possess the capability to cross the border and neutralise the terrorists.”

“We have seen many Prime Ministers. But if there is one who has actually devoted his life to the upliftment of the poor, then it is Narendra Modi. Centre has provided 4 crore pucca houses in the country in the last 10 years. Out of it, 25 lakh pucca houses have been provided in Odisha only. If any poor family has been left out, then we will provide them a pucca house if our government is formed this time,” Singh added.

No comments were received from the Congress.