Himansu Shekhar Rout

The political equation is reportedly fast changing in Ganjam district as one BJD leader after another is deserting the party. Former deputy

Speaker of the Odisha Assembly Ramachandra Panda quit the party on Thursday, alleging that the party lacks democracy and has deviated from its ideals. 

State secretary of the BJD, T Gopi also left the party. Both leaders sent their resignation letters to the BJD president Naveen Patnaik.

Panda took this step a day after BJP leader Bhrugu Baxipatra joined the BJD and was named the party's MP nominee for the Berhampur Lok Sabha seat.

Expressing his unhappiness, Panda alleged that the BJD lacks democracy and deviated from its principles. He also said that the party gives tickets to people just two hours after their joining even though leaders like him have been in the party for many years.

He said, "I didn’t like the rude behaviour of some leaders. The party could not repose faith in my leadership. I was not allowed to take part in party meetings. I was keen to contest for the Lok Sabha seat. I felt the party just wanted to bind me by keeping me in a position.  The party had been telling me that my political standing in the polls was being assessed. But nothing happened finally.”

He pointed out that a leader in Bhubaneswar joined the BJD and was immediately given a ticket while Bhrugu Babu was given a ticket just a few minutes after joining.     

However, Panda did not mention about his next course of action.

No comments were received from the BJD.

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