Vikash Sharma

The spirit is high in the BJP as it is now confident of forming the government in Odisha following the 2024 elections. The top leadership of the saffron brigade is now making marathon visits to Odisha, holding public meetings and interacting with intellectuals to drive home a narrative that will help the party win the majority of seats in the state as well as contribute to the mega '400 Par' seat target of the saffron party.

Amidst this set-up, it was the turn of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to contribute his part and make the final dent in the ruling BJD’s plan by addressing a series of public meetings in Odisha on Monday. PM Modi arrived in the state to a grand welcome on Sunday and addressed the first public meeting in Berhampur today. 

The message given by Narendra Modi in the Berhampur public meeting was loud and clear.

During the Vijay Sankalp Samavesh in Berhampur, Modi started his address by speaking in Odia.

“I was in Ayodhya yesterday and had darshan of Ram Lalla and today I am on the land of Mahaprabhu Lord Jagannath. Our Ram Lalla is now staying in the grand Ram Temple and it was people’s vote that made it happen and it is the power of the people,” said PM Modi.

According to PM Modi, two yagyas are being held simultaneously in Odisha. The one is being held for making a strong government at the centre and the second for a strong BJP-led government in Odisha.

PM Narendra Modi in BerhampurPM Narendra Modi in Berhampur

'Double-Engine Government in Odisha'

In Odisha, there will be a double-engine government for the first time. The state unit of BJP has come up with a visionary sankalp patra (manifesto) aiming for jobs for youths, health of elderly, preserving culture, tourism, paddy farmers and other sections of the society, said the PM.

According to PM Modi, the BJP does what it says. Hence, after coming to power in Odisha, the party will implement the announcements made in the manifesto and it is 'Modi Ki Guarantee', he said.

Expiry Date Of BJD

In his address, PM Narendra Modi said that June 4 is BJD’s expiry date.

“Today is May 6 and after results on June 4, the BJP’s CM candidate will be finalised on June 6 and on June 10, the BJP’s CM will take oath and I have come to give an invitation to you all to attend the sworn-in ceremony,” said Modi.

In Odisha, BJD is sinking, Congress is nowhere and people have faith in BJP. BJP is the only ray of hope for the people as Congress ruled for 50 years and then BJD government for 25 years, said Modi.

Though Odisha has water, fertile land, natural resources in abundance and vast coastline, there has been not much development.

“I fail to understand what happened to a rich Odisha as its people are poor here. It is only due to the sins made by Congress and BJD leaders. Here, small leaders of BJD are owners of big bungalows. Why do labourers from this district of CM migrate to other parts? Why is there a dearth of doctors in hospitals? Why are students forced to quit education? In Hinjili, there are no adequate cold storage and water facilities,” Modi said.

Centre's Assistance To Odisha

The Modi government has extended full support and funds to Odisha. When there was remote-controlled government of Sonia Gandhi, they only gave Rs 1 lakh crore in 10 years. But the Modi government released Rs 3.5 lakh crore to Odisha in 10 years, said PM Modi in his address in Berhampur.

“Only sending funds is not enough, there is a need for a good government in Odisha. But the BJD government either doesn’t implement or hijack the central schemes. Under the Jal Jeevan Mission, Centre gave Rs 10,000 crore. But what did the BJD government do? The state government could not utilise it,” said Modi.

Funds are also being released for the construction of roads. But the condition of roads in Odisha is deplorable. Centre provides rice but the BJD government fixes its own picture and bags. BJD has to do such cheating as they have not done anything, he said.

Mood Of Workers In PM Modi's MeetingMood Of Workers In PM Modi's Meeting

BJD Doesn’t Care For Poor: PM Modi

The Modi government has given guarantee to poor for medical treatment free of cost up to Rs 5 lakh and already over 6 crore people have benefited. But people of Odisha are not getting the benefits as the BJD government has not implemented the Ayushman Bharat scheme, alleged Modi.

The BJD government doesn’t care for the poor and their health needs. Similarly, the labourers from the state are also not getting health benefits outside and the BJD government is to be blamed for this.

Our guarantee is that on June 10, when BJP’s CM takes oath, the work for Ayushman Bharat scheme will begin, and those over 70 years of age irrespective of their religion and financial status, the cost of treatment will be borne by the Modi government. This will not only benefit the elderly but the youths too as they will not have to worry about their parent’s treatment, assured PM Modi.

Why did PM Modi Pick Berhampur?

Top  BJP leaders are aiming to register a win in South India and Odisha. If we look at the national stage, if any political party wins Uttar Pradesh, the road to Delhi becomes easier. Similar is the case with Odisha politics and the party that wins maximum seats from Ganjam has an upper hand to come to power here, believe experts. 

Ganjam has a total of 13 Assembly seats and many believe that if Ganjam is conquered, Bhubaneswar is also conquered. 

BJP is eying Ganjam and trying its best to woo the voters by connecting religion, politics and other local issues concerning the people of the state.

What do Voters Say?

Amid the huge gathering of people at the public meeting, OTV team met a voter who had come to present a picture of Ram Lalla to his favourite leader.

“I am not a BJP worker, rather I have come here to attend PM Modi’s event as he has given a clarion call for a change in Odisha against the 25 years of misrule and misgovernance,” said the voter.

According to the voter, everybody in Ganjam wants a change even though it is the home district of CM Naveen Patnaik. “CM Naveen is not capable now and has handed everything to Tamil officer VK Pandian. Hence, we want a change and BJP is the only option,” he added.

Earlier, several BJP leaders including Amit Shah and JP Nadda had claimed that the party would form government in Odisha and an efficient Odia would become the chief minister.

BJP Committed To Women Empowerment 

In his address in Berhampur, PM Modi said that his government is absolutely committed to women empowerment. “The Odisha BJP unit has pledged to make 25 lakh women associated with Self-Help Groups here as Lakhpati Didis. The BJP has proudly given the highest post in the country to the daughter of Odisha. Undoubtedly, it is a matter of pride for every person living in this state. It is my good fortune that President Droupadi Murmu Ji tells me every minute aspect that needs to be focused on for the development of Odisha. I feel that I could do the best for Odisha under the kind guidance of Murmu Ji,” said Modi.

In his reaction to BJP claims of coming to power in the state, BJD supremo and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said, “It is now for several days that the BJP has been day-dreaming.”