Vikash Sharma

With the crucial general elections 2024 on the cards, the Odisha unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday made some startling claims with senior leader Mohan Majhi predicting a 1995-like situation.

According to Majhi, the next two weeks will be crucial and people will see several BJD MLAs and MPs leaving the party. He claimed that the BJP would form the next government in Odisha.

“The next two weeks are important as model code of conduct will come into effect. The BJD leaders, who will not get tickets, have already known and are waiting in hope. If they do not get tickets, they will naturally leave BJD and think about which party to join. Hence, a big change is on the cards. A lot of BJD leaders are in touch with BJP and everybody will know about this at the right time. BJP will form the next government in Odisha,” said Majhi.

Majhi further said that the situation for the general elections 2024 will be somewhat similar to 1995 when the Janata Dal government was claiming to win but there was a change of government.

“There is resentment among people including farmers, labourers, government employees and others. They will give a befitting reply to the BJD government and bless a new party to form the government,” the BJP leader said.

Majhi further stated that BJD-government led by CM Naveen Patnaik has completed 24 years in power and they are getting ready for the 2024 general elections. Like last year, BJD is not stable this time and they will be defeated as Naveen Patnaik government has failed to come up with long-term plans and real development for the people. The party is now dolling out freebies in the form of financial assistance. The BJD is forced to come out with such announcements including Rs 1000 to BPL families with bags. It is nothing but a bribe to vote for them, he alleged.

According to Majhi, the people of the state have understood this and are returning the bags with the BJD logo and burning them. “No matter whatever freebies are provided by BJD to lure voters, the party is heading towards downfall as its vote share has been reduced by 15 %,” he added.

Meanwhile, the BJD leaders could not be contacted over the statements of the BJP leader.

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