Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Growing plants without soil certainly sound weird. And if someone claims of earning Rs 70 lakh by growing vegetables in a three-storey house without soil, how would you react? Recently, reports of Ramveer Singh from Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly earning Rs 70 lakh by growing plants without using soil took the internet by storm.

Former executive director of UNEP, Erik Solheim’s video grabbed the attention of many social media users after he shared a video on Twitter giving a sneak peek into the inspiring journey of Singh and his organic farming. 

As claimed in the video, Singh grows cauliflower, strawberries, ladyfinger, and several other fruits and vegetables. He implements a technique that doesn’t require soil. Moreover, this technique can save up to 90% of water. Singh has planted over 10000 plants in his house. 

Moreover, Singh owns a company called Vimpa Organic and Hydroponics. His company’s annual turnover is Rs 70 lakh. 

By now, the video has garnered over one million views. However, the internet is in splits. While some have appreciated the technique and have opined that the method could be helpful for farmers, a few went on to call the method as harmful. 

“Health impact??? Anything that is grown without soil is against law of nature. Basically, seed germinates and grows on soil. So, soil is the mother for seeds,” said a user.

“These plants are grown with inorganic chemicals which are very harmful to humans,” said another.

Well, after the reports and video went viral on the internet, Singh came up with a new video in which he cleared the air over the reports. 

As Singh said, soon after the video and reports went viral, he received numerous calls seeking his guidance and help so that they could earn adopting this method. 

“My company’s annual turnover is between Rs 70-80 lakh. The total turnover includes Vimpa organics and several other farms where we grow bananas as well as turmeric. Many people have no knowledge to differentiate between turnover and income,” said Singh.

“I would request everyone not to circulate fake news with aim of increasing subscribers and views,” he added.

Singh, a former journalist, stepped into farming with an aim of providing pesticide-free vegetables and fruits. His uncle died of cancer and consuming pesticide-grown vegetables and fruits was the prime reason. He grows plants not only in his house but also on farms. Though he does farming in his house, it is just a model of extensive farming which can be taken as an inspiration for secondary earnings.