Cassian Baliarsingh

In the absence of proper road and transport facilities, a 108 ambulance driver was forced to carry a pregnant woman for 3km on a cot at Lopeta village under Bandhugaon block of Koraput district.

According to sources, family members of an expecting mother Sunita Pidika from the village contacted 108 Ambulance after she complained of labour pain. However, with no proper road connectivity, the ambulance got stuck 3km away from the village.

With no options left, Sunita’s husband along with the ambulance driver and other relatives carried the pregnant woman on a cot to the ambulance from where she was taken to the local hospital. The condition of the expecting mother was stable during the filing of this report.

“The incident is a stark reality of BJD’s rule in Odisha and their tall claims of ‘Gaon Ku Rashta’. And ‘Maa ku Sanman’ is a farce. Even as the government claims spending crores of rupees in the development of rural areas, where is the money going,” a local questioned.

Apart from the lack of road connectivity, locals claimed that their village is eluded of basic facilities like drinking water, vehicle communication, and school.

“Even after years of Independence, our village is yet to get a proper road. So, we had to bring my wife on a sling,” Sunita’s husband stated.

In a similar incident, another pregnant woman had to be carried on a cot by family members for 10km due to lack of road connectivity and transport facilities at Gendali village under Daspalla block of Nayagarh district.

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