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  • Katrina and Vicky were spotted in London recently.
  • The oversized coat of Kats hinted that the Bollywood actress might be pregnant.

Katrina Kaif’s pregnancy rumours have been going around ever since she tied the knot with Vicky Kaushal more than two years ago. So when the rumours suddenly gained momentum a few days ago many fans believed them to be untrue and treated them as another piece of gossip. But when a leaked video clip of Katrina Kaif with Vicky Kaushal from London found its way to the web, it almost confirmed that the Bollywood superstar was pregnant.

It is a known fact that Kats and Vicky have been enjoying some warm sunshine in London for the last few days and the Chikani Chameli dancer had herself confirmed the same when she shared birthday pictures of her hubby enjoying the day. However, this clip that seems to be caught without the knowledge of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina shows the couple walking on London Street and from far off shows Kats with a possible baby bump because she is wearing an over-sized black coat.

At one instance Vicky can be seen guiding her carefully among the pedestrians. Fans have now started speculating that Katrina Kaif is indeed pregnant and has decided to go to London to avoid media attention. Although she is a big celebrity here and Vicky also has a huge following in India they do not have the same recognition in London which is why they can live easily like normal people without attracting attention.

The moment this video clip went viral, fans started pouring happy comments with a few even saying that she seems more pregnant than Deepika Padukone . It is quite interesting to note that the two current biggest actresses of Bollywood are both pregnant at the same time. Although neither Katrina nor Vicky has confirmed this news, the Bharat actress did trigger speculations when she posted three cakes and three hearts for Vicky’s birthday post.

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