Vikash Sharma

One of the injured victims in the accident involving a luxury car (Range Rover) and a bike near Power House Chhak in Bhubaneswar on October 31, succumbed on Friday. The deceased has been identified as Lopamudra Sahu.

On the other hand, another injured Kanhucharan Nayak, who is a retired CISF jawan, is also battling for his life at the hospital. Nayak’s brother today alleged that police are silent on the entire matter as an ‘influential’ person is involved in the road accident.

It is pertinent to mention here that a controversy has erupted over the road accident. The Commissionerate Police also came under questioning from various quarters after it issued a press release about the accident mentioning a different registration number of the vehicle.

As per reports, in the press release initially issued by the Commissionerate Police, the vehicle registration number was mentioned as OD-33 AF-6726. However, about two and a half hours later, the police corrected the registration number of the vehicle to OD-23K 0006.

The luxury car with registration number OD-23K 0006 reportedly belongs to a company in which Bishal Kumar Das, the son of former Odisha minister Late Naba Das, is a director.

“We are poor and facing hardship in arranging funds for the treatment of my brother. We are not at all satisfied with the probe. As they are influential, police are not taking action,” alleged injured Nayak’s brother.

Earlier, deceased Lopamudra’s brother had said, “My sister had sustained severe injuries in the accident. Police are not taking action. Police had initially informed about one registration number and now it has been changed. As the Minister’s son is involved, police are trying to suppress the matter. We want justice as we do not know what the police are doing. Nobody can compensate for our loss. We do not want anything but justice.”

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