Himansu Shekhar Rout

As severe heat wave is sweeping Odisha, cases of heat wave-related illness and sunstroke have increased.

According to official reports, 367 persons affected by heat-wave-related illness and sunstroke have been admitted to various hospitals while two persons have died of sunstroke in the state. 

Sundargarh reported the highest number of such cases at 60, followed by Mayurbhanj with 50 cases.

To date, two persons have died of sunstroke in the state, as confirmed by the State Health Department.

Keeping in view the severe heat wave and an increase in heat wave-related illness, the Health Department has warned people against venturing out of houses at peak hours.          

Director of Public Health, Niranjan Mishra said, "As per official reports, about 367 persons affected by heat wave-related illness have sought medical treatment. Two deaths due to this cause have been confirmed so far.”

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He observed that the only precaution people can take against heat wave-related illness is to avoid moving out.

“Exposure to excessive heat wave conditions can cause burns on skin, dry throat and dizziness. In that case, people have been advised to visit hospitals. If you are going outside, take the necessary precautions. Take umbrellas and wet clothes. Drink water sufficiently. Take rest under trees intermittently,” he added. 

Children, elderly people and expectant mothers are advised to take precautions.

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