Pradeep Pattanayak

An example of how regressive customs sometimes make life miserable was witnessed at Telabila village under Shamakhunta block in Mayurbhanj where a dead body was allegedly left to rot for three days. 

As per reports, Somabari Singh, aged 70, died on Saturday. As per the tradition practised in the village, in case of a marriage or death, the concerned family has to organise a community feast for the villagers. 

Earlier, two marriage ceremonies were held in Somabari’s family, but no community feast was organised. The village head was reportedly displeased with the family. 

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On Saturday, when Somabari passed away, the villagers raised the issue and demanded 10 kilograms of meat to shoulder the bier. However, the deceased woman’s son pleaded his inability to meet their demand. Hearing this, the villagers put their foot down and refused to participate in the rituals. 

Due to such non-cooperation, the body was left to rot for two days. 

With no option left, the deceased’s son agreed to give 10 kilograms of meat to the villagers for a community feast on Monday, the third day of Somabari’s death. Then only, they came forward and the last rites were conducted.

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