Mrunal Manmay Dash

They are poor, downtrodden and uneducated. They might lack the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) required to become an officer, but they certainly have the Emotional Quotient (EQ) which is gradually diminishing from within the people in this rapidly growing materialistic world.

This is a story of two tribal families from Gudialbandha village in Mayurbhanj district who have set an example for others by donating the eyes of their sons—one 17 years old and another 20 years old- who died in a road accident on Thursday.

As per reports, three youths were killed in a head-on collision between a bike and a scooter at Balijoda Square on Baripada-Udala road in Mayurbhanj yesterday. Out of the three, Raju Singh (17) and Laxman Singh (20) who were on the scooter, died on the spot.

Following their death, the two families decided to donate the eyes of their sons which will provide a much-needed sight to two blind persons.

“My nephew is not with us anymore. We will not be able to see him ever. But if his eye can be used to make another person see the world, so be it. We are happy to donate his eyes,” said Raju Singh’s uncle Charan Singh.

Similarly, Laxman Singh’s father Bahadur Singh said, “I am quite content with another person seeing the world with the eyes of my child. We will feel closer to him in this way.”

Following the consent from the families, the eyes were collected and stored at Raghunath Murmu Medical College in Baripada.