Pradeep Singh

Amidst the doubts expressed about the effect of placements for undergraduates during the placement season 2021-22, 55 per cent of IIT Bhubaneswar undergraduates have reportedly got top placements.

The placements at IIT Bhubaneswar have shown a record rising trend with more than 55 per cent B.Tech students getting placed in the first three days (85 per cent of them are of CSE, B.Tech). 

As per an official release, this is the first time when such large number of undergraduates got offers in just three days of the opening season. 

Some of the blue-chip companies ranging from Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Flipkart, Paytm, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Tata Steel, Unacademy, Samsung RI, Mathworks, Silicon Lab, Analog Devices, D.E. Shaw, GE, Ring central, Future First had taken part in the placement drive.

Meanwhile, majority of the recruiters are IT and Start-Ups hinting at a growing trend in niche sectors also. There is a 50 per cent increase of median salary to 24 LPA from 16 LPA of last year.

Prof. RV Raja Kumar, Director IIT Bhubaneswar said, “Better placements over the last year indicates an optimistic placement scenario despite fears about the new variant of virus omicron surfacing and posing to affect the business economy throughout the globe.”

Arun Pradhan, Head, Career Development Cell is sure to scale new heights with ever improving trends year after year, at the educational institution.

Currently, more than 80 per cent of IIT Bhubaneswar students are on the campus and the institute is running its classes in physical mode for all the students present in the campus and on virtual mode for those who are currently away and are expected to arrive in the campus shortly.