Vikash Sharma

Animesh Pradhan, who recently secured AIR 2 in the 2023 UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) in his first attempt, visited the OTV newsroom on Tuesday and shared his views on a lot of subjects including his journey, and struggle.

During a candid interaction, Animesh shared his thoughts, vision and what he intends to do in future while taking up questions from OTV News Editor Radhamadhab Mishra and other editorial staff.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announced the final results for the Civil Services Exam (CSE) 2023 on May 30. This year, as many as 1,016 candidates have been shortlisted.

On his UPSC success, Animesh said, “It gives me immense happiness as it was a dream of my parents and it is a satisfying moment for me. I was clear from the beginning on what I wanted to do in life. My goal from class 5 or 6 was to become an IAS officer. When I was in 9th and 10th class, I had a clear-cut strategy that be it engineering or medical studies, I would prepare for the Civil Services by doing a job. Whatever career I chose, it was always on top of my mind to become an IAS officer."

According to Animesh, Odisha is going through exciting times and there are lots of opportunities. But he wants to ensure that the plans reach the targeted beneficiaries in the last mile. The aim is to ensure that there is empowerment of people, he said.

“My target is to ensure that governance and bureaucracy reach the last mile. My focus will be on ensuring that tribal communities in Odisha empower themselves through their identity and culture. Today, there is a lot of tribal tourism and homestays in tourist areas,” said Animesh.

When asked to pick between the Neta or the Babu, Animesh said, “We cannot compare them vertically as both have the same goal of the welfare of people and work concurrently.”

To a question on Odisha politics, Animesh said, “Odisha is a state that has been doing wonders, not just from a socio-economic perspective but there has been a lot of human development. As far as elections are concerned, Odisha is a role model for free and fair elections.”

Message To UPSC Aspirants

The road to success was not easy for Animesh Pradhan. While recalling his journey, Animesh said, “Every second day, I used to think to give up as UPSC is not an interesting journey with a lot of fear and anxiety. There were a lot of other issues in the family which were more painful. But I was not ready to give up as the reason to start was very strong. “

Balance Between Job And UPSC Preparations

According to Animesh, he had not taken any formal coaching for UPSC. But there was a lot of guidance, videos of toppers and free resources.

“I was able to study along with work and used to prepare for 5 to 6 hours. As I was into a job, financial independence and plan B was there. This helped me to prepare well without any distractions,” said Animesh.

According to Animesh, the representation of Odisha is very low owing to the lack of quality coaching institutes, guidance opportunities and preparation materials despite aspirants from the state being more humble and brilliant.

“The education sector in Odisha in terms of guidance, coaching and quality of materials is not up to the mark as compared to Delhi, Chennai, Kerala or Karnataka,” said Animesh.

Tough Question

Even though Animesh secured AIR 2, he was unable to answer a question during the interview round. According to Animesh, he was asked a lot of questions about Odisha. However, there was a question on the relationship between Puri Jagannath and Sikhism which he could not answer.

“I was asked the question about the relationship between Puri Jagannath and Sikhism which was out of the box and I could not answer. A lot of questions were asked about Talcher as well,” Animesh added.