Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fashionista Urfi Javed is well aware of the ways to remain in talks. Be it for her bold statements, controversies, or her weird fashion sense, Urfi never shies away from taking a stand for what she believes in.

Undeniably, Urfi is a favourite of the paparazzi and ever remains surrounded by camera flashes and paps apart from her admirers. 

However, recently a video surfaced on social media in which Urfi is seen asking her bodyguard to hit a paparazzo who was capturing her on his camera lenses.

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Recently, Urfi got papped in a black transparent gown. While walking inside a restaurant, one of the paps said, “Oho Urfi ji”

Reacting to this, Urfi said, “Kitne gandey hai yeh log. (These people are so naughty.)”

While the paps chuckled, Urfi continued, “Tum logon se kutte log maine aaj tak nahi dekhe. Bahut kamine ho...”

Meanwhile, someone is heard saying, “Ma’am... Love you.”

Instantly reacting to this, Urfi winked her eye and said, “Saab samajhti hoon mein.”

As again the person repeats, “Love you,” Urfi introduced her bodyguard to the paparazzi and asked him to ‘hit’ the person while saying, “Isko maaro.”

Well, Urfi chuckled again and repeats her statement. Of course, she was not serious and was engaged in a fun banter with the paparazzi. 

However, netizens once again trolled Urfi Javed for her dress. While trolls attacked Urfi through their comments, supporters took a stand for her.

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