Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Urfi Javed often hits headlines for her weird fashion sense, overexposure of her body in public and controversies. Though Urfi is quite popular on social media and her posts go viral in no time, she gets brutally trolled frequently. However, the fashionista seems unfazed by the trolls and continues to follow her choice of dressing.

Be it her controversy with popular author Chetan Bhagat or going savage on Ranbir Kapoor’s statement, Urfi never refrains from her outspoken attitude. 

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In a fresh controversy, Urfi was denied entry into a restaurant. In a few moments, she engaged in banter and blamed the receptionist for not allowing her for her attire.

The video shared by Viral Bhayani a few days back shows Urfi stepping out from a four-wheeler while donning a deep blue attire. As she steps ahead, she is followed by the paparazzi. She steps into a restaurant and walks straight to the receptionist. 

As seen in the video, Urfi interacts with the receptionist. 

While the man says, no seat is available, Urfi says, “Please try again, you can find a seat.”

Here’s the short conversation between the duo:

Receptionist: Ma’am, try to understand, Zomaland carnival is going on, whichever restaurant you go to, you will find the same thing.

Urfi: I don’t care about any carnival; please let them know that Urfi Javed is here.

While the receptionist tries to make her understand the situation, Urfi is in no mood to listen to it and says: I am Urfi Javed, everyone makes room for Urfi Javed. 

The receptionist continues to make Urfi understand, but she fumes and says, “This is not about seats, this is about my dress. You are denying me a seat for my dress. ”

Urfi continues, “They are not allowing me to enter the restaurant because they don’t like my dress.”

Receptionist: Ma’am, this is not the reason.

The argument between the duo continues for a few seconds. 

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Well, this video seems to be a part of paid promotions. But, the behaviour of Urfi to the receptionist has irked many. 

One user wrote, “Urfi javed aayi hai aise bol rahi jaise PM aaye ho.”

Another wrote, “Plz respect that word FASHION ICON, cheap publicity naa aapke channel ko milegi naa hi Madam urfii jawed ko.”

“Wo to normally samjha rahe hai ye aurat kapdo ke sath sath dimag bhi kho gayi hai kya apna jabran scene create kar rahi hai,” wrote a third user.