Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Shah Rukh Khan made a thumping comeback in 2023 after a hiatus of 4 years. Back-to-back, three of his movies went on to become commercially successful which proves the love of fans for him and the desire to see SRK on the big screen.

Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki were big blockbusters of 2023 and the makers minted good cash from the movies. While Pathaan was made at a budget of Rs 225 crore, Jawan’s estimated production budget is Rs 300 crore and Dunki’s budget is estimated to be Rs 120 crore.

However, did you know SRK doesn’t charge money for films? Well, people might think SRK works on a profit-sharing arrangement. But, the Dunki actor revealed something interesting and surprising.

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SRK once claimed that he doesn’t charge fees for his films. However, he charges a big amount for endorsements.

SRK was a guest on the show Aap Ki Adalat where he made the statement.

SRK said, “I never take money for acting in films. I only charge fees for endorsements, events, and live shows. I only tell producers to pay me whatever they wish, if the films do well (at the box office). I don’t take acting as a business. This is the greatest thing that I can do to act in films.”

Further, he added, “My biggest hope in my life is that more and more people watch my films and be happy and one day I will make a film in India.”

Well, this is indeed something interesting. SRK’s dedication and commitment to acting is not surprising. With his dedication and commitment, Shah Rukh Khan earned it and became what he is today- The most popular Indian actor, with fans sprawling across the globe.