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Intensifying attack on the ruling BJD, Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita MP on Wednesday said that Odisha needs a change as the present state of affairs and 'Odia Asmita' is in danger in the State. Sarangi targetted BJD leader VK Pandian by referring him as 'Sana Babu' (Young Babu). The people of the State have realised that a young babu has been making failed attempts to take over and hijack governance and people's mandate, she alleged.

At a presser in Bhubaneswar, Sarangi said that Odisha has plenty of natural resources and it is enough to become a leading state in the country. Despite having talented human resources, the state is lagging behind in terms of per capita income, she said.

'Dormant Government In Odisha': BJP MP

"Post Covid, we all are working in different parts of the state. However, the Chief Minister here is not seen after March 2020. He has stopped visiting places in the State. I have worked in the Secretariat, which is the heart of the bureaucracy, but surprisingly the CM is not visiting the State Secretariat, said the BJP MP.

"There is no such political situation anywhere in the country. During elections, the BJD shows CM's face and begs for votes. And after the polls, the young babu governs for 5 years. We want the CM not to hand over governance to those who do not have people's mandate. The CM should not outsource his government to the young babu," said Sarangi.

'Young Babu Hijacked Governance; License To Loot Odisha Should Not Be Given To BJD'

"We all need to think that whoever becomes the CM of Odisha, he/she should not outsource the system and government. The CM should be able to communicate with us in Odia and should be a youth and healthy," said the Bhubaneswar MP.

In the last 3 to 4 months, a lot of BJD workers and leaders have joined the BJP as they are not ready to set up tents and manage traffic for the young babu. As per plan, the young babu has distanced the CM from others. Be it the chief secretary, DGP, cabinet ministers or MLAs, nobody can meet the CM without the permission of the young babu. It is for this reason that a lot of BJD leaders are quitting the party, alleged Sarangi.

Media Not Allowed...

The Chief Minister is not visiting the Secretariat and the media in Odisha is not being allowed inside the building. Earlier, journalists were allowed and information was being shared. But now, due to the wrong governance model, things have changed in Odisha, said Sarangi.

'Unemployment and Poverty Rate Alarming'

As per the International Labour Organisation's 2024 report, released after a survey in 22 states, Odisha ranks no 1 as far as unemployment of educated youths is concerned. The report says that 42 percent educated youths in Odisha are unemployed, claimed MP Aparajita Sarangi.

On February 24, Minister Pritiranjan Ghadei gave statistics that 1 lakh posts in government departments are lying vacant. 98, 348 posts in 41 government departments are vacant in Odisha, said Sarangi.

"It hurts that youths are unemployed despite having MBA and diploma degrees in the State. The Odisha government has failed to provide them jobs," said Sarangi.

'CM Contesting On 2 Seats For Backdoor Entry of Young Babu'

At the presser, the Bhubaneswar MP also questioned BJD's move to make CM Naveen Patnaik contest from two Assembly seats, including Hinjili. Sarangi said that it has been done for the backdoor entry of the young babu.

BJD hits back

In response, BJD's Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha candidate Manmath Routray hit back at Aparajita for her allegations against the ruling party.

"We are the team members of the Chief Minister and we want our beloved CM to stand from two seats. He has done many things for all and the people want the CM to represent them from their areas. It's the decision of the party," said Manmath.

"Sana Babu (younger babu) and 'Bada Babu' (elder babu) are not the language and tone of an educated woman. You might have been scared by thinking something about 'Sana Babu'. 'Bada Babu respects one and all even the Opposition. 'Sana Babu' has done nothing for power," said Manmath.

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