Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Many movie lovers have found the Dunki trailer disappointing.
  • A lot of negative reviews were posted on social media but later on, pulled down.

The Dunki trailer has finally arrived. Die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fans have loved it and appreciated it wholeheartedly on social media. However, those who love movies seem to be disappointed and have found nothing new in this Rajkumar Hirani movie trailer. Not surprisingly, a few YouTubers and netizens started posting negative views on social media.

But within a couple of hours, most of these video clips were pulled down and a few even started posting in favour of Dunki’s trailer. No wonder it triggered speculations on social media that the PR machinery of Shah Rukh Khan has come into play and that they are forcing the content creators to pull down the negative comments about Dunki and turn them into positive ones.

The netizens also compared the two reviews from the same content creator who earlier shared a negative review about Dunki but within a short time uploaded a new review that praised the SRK’s movie trailer.

These sudden changes have caught the attention of active social media users and they have slammed SRK and his PR team. Even when Pathaan became a massive hit, many Bollywood buffs said that the figure of the 1000 crore collection was fake and that SRK used all his PR tactics and bought tickets to make it the biggest hit. However, nothing has been proven to date and the Badshah of Bollywood delivered another big hit Jawan after Pathaan.

Incidentally, Rajkumar Hirani has a fantastic record of giving back-to-back blockbusters and none of his movies ever have flopped. With SRK now enjoying a tremendous run at the box office it is expected that Dunki will be able to attract a large amount of audience in the first week itself.