Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Shah Rukh Khan used all his PR tactics to promote Pathaan and Jawan.
  • But the same funda seems to be failing when it comes to creating hype for Dunki.

Shah Rukh Khan reclaimed his position as the King of Bollywood with the massive success of Pathaan and Jawan. Both these SRK movies reached the pinnacles of success that no one thought was possible because the superstar had been facing a lull in his career for the last few years. Incidentally, the hype for both these movies was quite high.

Shah Rukh Khan used all his PR tactics to promote these flicks. He was highly active on social media and interacted with his fans on a regular basis through #AskSRK sessions to ensure that the anticipation was fuelled and kept on boiling till the release and even long after that.

He and his PR team made sure that every reaction to a teaser, song, or trailer from his fans on social media received a positive response and the efforts did pay off. Naturally, he is using the same PR funda for his upcoming December 22 release Dunki.

Dunki- What We Know So Far

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, Dunki is about four friends who live in a village in Punjab and have a dream of going to England. Their main problem is that they do not have a visa or a ticket. So a soldier promises to them that he will take them to their land of dreams.

Dunki is going to be a heart-warming tale that is full of lots of problems as the friends try to cross the borders illegally and how their love for each other stands tall throughout.

The story is very good and with a director like Hirani who has an outstanding box-office record, no doubt Dunki is going to be a superhit. But will it emerge as a big blockbuster like Pathaan or Jawan? That does not seem to be possible at least at present.

Despite the fact that it's Drop 1 and the song Lutt Putt Gaya has received a lot of love, Dunki has not triggered the sort of excitement and hype that SRK’s earlier movies did.

Now, all eyes or on the trailer. Reports are abuzz that Hirani has given a nod to the final cut for the trailer and there is a strong possibility that the trailer may do the wonders that the earlier content drops have failed to do.