Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Shah Rukh Khan seems to be confident of Dunki's success.
  • Recently he said, "Bahut pyaar kamayegi. Raju ki film hai…"

Shah Rukh Khan’s recent “Lutt putt gaya” song from Dunki has become a superhit instantly. Fans have loved the romance, simplicity, and eternal charm of SRK in this song from Rajkumar Hirani movie. Since the last couple of years, Shah Rukh Khan has been quite active on social media and time and again makes himself available for fans through the #AskSRK sessions on X.

With reactions pouring in from all quarters after the release of Lutt Putt Gaya” Shah Rukh Khan obliged his fans once again with the question and answer session and replied to some of the most interesting answers. It is a known fact that SRK always comes up with some wittiest answers even to a twisted question and the same could be seen during this session as well.

When a fan asked Shah Rukh Khan to define his Dunki family of Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Boman Irani, and more, the Bollywood superstar shared the names of the characters from the movie along with their characteristics.

He wrote, “Manu: love, Gulati: Hope, Buggu: Low IQ, Balli: Low patience, Sukhi: Intense, Abhijaat: High IQ, Raju: Bossman, Hardy: Friend” thereby making it clear what fans can expect from his co-stars from Dunki. The Pathaan actor also answered some other interesting questions. When asked if there is any dunky (illegal) way to enter the theater to watch Dunki, SRK said that when young he used to patao the projectionist whenever he wanted to watch a film.

When a fan proposed that Dunki should be shown in a stadium instead of a theater Shah Rukh Khan replied that he also suggested so but air conditioning can be an issue.

He also revealed the secret behind his silk, free-flowing hair on demand of a fan saying that he applies amla, bringaraj, and methi to them. Shah Rukh Khan was prompt to support and promote his movie by saying that Dunki is all about love. He replied, “Pyaar ki ginti nahi hoti mere bhai. Bahut pyaar kamayegi. Raju ki film hai…apne dosti ki film hai…apne ghar ki film hai….pyaar toh milega beshumaar nahi?"

While Jawan and Pathaan have established Shah Rukh Khan as the biggest box-office king, trade experts believe that Dunki will consolidate his position further.