Cassian Baliarsingh

A ‘fake’ nude picture of actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has sent ripples across social media. The viral picture shows a girl bathing in a bathtub. While a section of online users claimed that the nude pictures were ‘shared’ and later ‘deleted’ by Samantha herself, others maintained that they were ‘fake’.

In the viral fake pictures, a girl can be seen wearing a white towel and seated in a bathtub-like area, trying a new treatment for her auto-immune disease. Through the post, she revealed she was taking ‘Far Infrared Sauna’ and continuously seeking out alternative approaches to healing and recovery.

Along with the pictures, she listed the benefits of sauna therapy and wrote, “Improved circulation to the muscles, boost metabolism, reduces body fat, increased energy, detoxify the body, reduced cellulite, rejuvenates skin, increased strength, enhanced seating, lessens joint and muscle pain and increases flexibility.”

While fans are happy that Samantha is recovering well from her health issues, they have expressed outrage after the nude photo (with face hidden) went viral along with Samantha’s picture. Many claimed that Samantha had shared the picture and quickly deleted it.

However, her fans were quick to point out that it was fake and slammed those circulating the pictures on different social media platforms.

“Women being strong, trying to heal her body out of illness and promoting such health awareness. No evidence of her insta id name in so called cheap pic many sharing. FAKE one 💯 stop it. I stand with @Samanthaprabhu2 #Samantha #SamanthaRuthPrabhu,” commented a fan.

Another fan wrote, “Kindly Don't Spoil Samantha’s name by doing these kind of stuff activities! She is a kind woman don't disrespect her ❣️”

“Completely FAKE One ❌ The Picture Spreading in SOCIAL MEDIA is FAKE 💯 Keep Throwing Stone on her, she has built already a mountain on it! Samanthaprabhu2 We All Stand with You Ma’am,” shared another fan.