• Thursday, September 28, 2023
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  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas calls actors over credited, gets candid on her struggle, work- life balance; Watch

Priyanka Chopra Jonas calls actors over credited, gets candid on her struggle, work- life balance; Watch

Priyanka Chopra Jonas during a recent podcast interview spilled beans on how actors are over-credited and how she maintains work and life balance.

Sangati Jogwar
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Priyanka Chopra JonasPhotoPhoto: Twitter/Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

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News Highlights

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently shared her views on how actors are over-credited.
  • She spilled beans on her struggling days and how work was taken away from her many times.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas won the Miss World title on 30th November exactly 22 years ago. Over the years she has proved herself not only as a good actress and entrepreneur but a highly evolved individual dedicated to the humanitarian cause.

During a recent interview, the international celebrity shared her views on some interesting factors of being an actor. Importantly, she also threw light on how she manages to maintain work and personal life balance which can be a big inspiration for new entrepreneurs and budding actors who are struggling to manage the same.

Actors are over-credited and overcompensated

India’s original desi girl said that actors are over-credited and over-compensated. She really meant what she said and elaborated her statement by mentioning the names of all those creative people, professionals, and workers who work behind the scene to make a scene and the actor perfect on the screen.

Giving a summary of how exactly actors are prepared to be on the screen in the Beer Biceps Guy podcast, she said that too much credit is given to the actors because actors do nothing and that she really meant it.

Adding further, the Bollywood superstar said actors say words written by someone else, dance to the steps choreographed by someone else, and wear the dress, hairstyle, and makeup put up by some other professionals and lip sync songs that are sung by playback singers and so on. Priyanka said that to break it down her job as an actor is between action and cut and that is for only a few minutes but it is intense pressure.

Social media users have loved the way Priyanka has candidly accepted the contribution of other professionals in the making of a movie.

Projects were taken away from me: Priyanka

Answering a question about whether someone tried to pull her down when she started going up the ladder in her career, Priyanka said that 'very few of us are happy for someone else’s success in India'.

According to her, it can be because Indians were colonized until 1947 and the divide and rule emotionally continues. The Quantico actress believes that it was her or today’s generation that is now recognizing it

She did say that during her struggling days it did happen that opportunities were taken away from her. But instead of sitting in that negativity, Priyanka said that everyone should believe in that little sliver of light which is enough to move forward and become successful.

The question is whether you have it in you to fight and move up or just wait for someone to fight the system and slow down.

Career and personal life balance

While there was a time when Priyanka Chopra Jonas believed that one has to work continuously and sacrifice everything to become successful, today her views are all changed.

Now, she believes in maintaining a proper work-life balance. She simply shuts down her laptop, and mobile phones and goes out with her family for a holiday, and comes back rejuvenated and motivated so that she can focus on work with renewed energy.

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