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  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas celebrates her birthday today.
  • Here's a look at her hot scenes that set the screen on fire.

Priyanka Chopra has always been known for doing bold and hot scenes right from the start of her career. Be it her intimate, hot scenes with Akshay Kumar in Aitraaz or her steamy kisses with Hrithik Roshan has never shied away from doing what was needed on the screen as per the demand of the script and more often of the director.

This boldness helped her when she dropped her clothes for an intimate scene in Quantico, an American soap that marked her debut in the Western entertainment world. On her birthday today, here are a few hot scenes where PeeCee set the screen on fire.

Steamy scene in Quantico

Priyanka performed a steamy bed scene in Quantico with her co-star Jack Mclain. The scene became such a big hit on the internet that millions of people downloaded it and that contributed to getting Priyanka recognition among the American television audience.

Hot kissing scenes with Hrithik Roshan

Piggy chops and Duggu locked lips for a sensuous song O Saiyyan from Agneepath. While the song triggered controversy for being copied and was shadowed by the blockbuster success of the other two hit songs from the movie-Deva Sri Ganesha and Abhi Muzhme Kahin, both Hrithik and Priyanka made the song unforgettable with their chemistry on the screen.

Shahid and Priyanka lip-lock in Kaminey

Sasha and PeeCee dated for a couple of years after Shahid had split from his longtime girlfriend Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kaminey was the first movie that brought them together on the screen and their lip-lock was one of the movie's highlights.

Ranbir and Priyanka in Anjaana Anjaani

While the movie was a big flop, Ranbir and Priyanka had already established their chemistry in Barfi and took it further in Anjaana Anjaani with a steamy, hot kiss.

Akshay and Priyanka triggered a storm

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Akshay is not keen on doing intimate scenes with his co-stars even though he has some sensuous songs like Tip Tip Barsa Paani to his credit. But he surprised everyone by kissing Priyanka on the screen in Aitraaz.