Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a Turkish actor has been hogging the limelight for allegedly buying his childhood school and subsequently demolishing it as revenge against his teachers who punished him when he was in school.

Turkish actor Caglar Ertugrul through an Instagram post expressed his motive was to seek revenge for the physical discipline he endured from his teachers during his school days. His act has generated considerable attention with people divided in their support for the actor’s deed.

Sharing a picture of himself standing on the ruins of a building, suspected to be his school, the actor wrote, “My elementary school teachers always beat me up, so I took over the school completely and demolished them, I won't get them done instead, let it be like my deteriorating traumas, in this situation.”

The actor has sparked a debate online even as the report of him demolishing his own school is yet to be ascertained.

“As a teacher, I couldn't make this post fit for you. I am one of those who believe that our main artists should take care of education and teachers should take care of artists. My respect for you as an artist is endless, but I think this didn't happen Mr. Çağlar. She even has a bad sense of humor. The experiences you and your teacher are different, but I destroyed the school and all, it was not nice,” commented a user.

Another user commented, “I got beat up too. I am giving the address Ahlhami Ahmet Örnekal.” “You are living my Dream 😉🤣 more power to you❤️🙌,” commented a third user.

Worth mentioning, Cargal is known for shows like The Shadow Team, The Mountain II, Stay with Me, Magarsus and many more.