Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • John Wick 4 has surprised trade analysts as it collected 25 crores in 3 days without any publicity or promotion.
  • The action movie is remarkable and fulfills the expectations of fans interested in ultra-action stunts.

Nowadays, a big-budget movie or an installment from a renowned franchise is launched with a lot of fanfare, publicity, and promotion. But John Wick 4 has surprised all.

With no promotion or overwhelming publicity this Keanu Reeves, Bill Skarsgard, and Donnie Yen flick not only takes the magic of this franchise further but has also been successfully attracting a huge crowd in major multiplexes across the world and created a massive buzz.

Stunts and action sequences were expected from John Wick 4 as its director Chad Stahelski is a former kickboxer. And of course, the stunts are extravagant and the slaughter fest of Wick is what everyone expected and fulfills the hearts of those expecting a lot of kickass action scenes.

Going by the standard of the Wick franchise, a few of the action sequences are quite remarkable as the body doubles of Keanu Reeves fly from one corner to the other and down the stairs.

One of the sequences that needs a mention is the one which is a long shot taken in one single take with the camera floating.

Apart from some old crew members including Kevin Kavanaugh, the production designer whose inclination toward using neon tube structures or colour coding is quite evident, there are some new additions like Donnie Yen who portrays the blind assassin Caine, and the huge Killa portrayed by Scott Adkins. This character in particular is quite murderous with his metal teeth.

John Wick 4 received a good response on its first weekend in India and collected more than Rs 25 crore within a few days. It is a big surprise because nowadays even big Indian movies cannot fetch such an amount despite huge promotions.

Moreover, since the movie is really good, the footfall in the theaters has increased solely on the basis of word of mouth, and in just 3 days have managed to collect such a huge collection.