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Sara Tendulkar's remarkable transformation into a stunning diva has captivated her fans, but her journey was not without its challenges.

Dealing with PCOS and persistent acne during her formative years,  Sara opened up about her struggles and her current state of contentment.

In an interview with Vogue, Sara Tendulkar candidly discussed her teenage trials and triumphs, emphasizing her battle against skin issues. 
She revealed her struggle with PCOS and acne, experimenting with various treatments before finding solace in addressing the root cause. 

"I had PCOS, and growing up, I had a lot of acne and tried so many things, from acids to retinol to lasers. But what helped me was tackling the root of the problem. I had to change my lifestyle—do a lot of weight training and eat a protein-rich diet. That has helped me deal with my breakouts and prevent new ones. And of course, staying hydrated. If I do end up getting hormonal acne that isn't due to lifestyle, I put on a pimple patch," said Sara.

Sara Tendulkar also revealed that worked with a skincare company for three long years as she studied biomedical, further enhancing her understanding of skincare solutions.

While Sara Tendulkar's skincare journey garnered attention, her personal life also made headlines, particularly her rumoured relationship with star cricketer Shubman Gill. 

Despite past confirmations from other celebrities, including Sara Ali Khan, Sara Tendulkar and Shubman Gill's alleged breakup stirred the media once again. 

Reports suggested Shubman is in a relationship with a Spanish beauty Maria Arroyog, she was even spotted attending one of his IPL matches in 2024.