Online searches for "The Elephant Whisperers" on Google skyrocketed by a whopping 8,164 per cent worldwide after winning the award for the Best Documentary Short Film at the 95th Academy Awards, a report showed on Friday.

The finding by African media company Celeb Tattler revealed that the online searches for "Mudumalai National Park" soared by 246 per cent worldwide after the Oscar win of  'The Elephant Whisperers'.

"After making history at this year's Academy Awards, The Elephant Whisperers is receiving a huge boost in online searches. Not only being embraced by Hollywood - but also the world," said a spokesperson for Celeb Tattler.

"The movie, released last year, and scored an unheard-of 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, was praised for its compelling narrative. Now, after winning the 'Documentary Short Film' award at this year's Oscars ceremony, the movie's profile is being boosted far beyond its initial release," it added.

Moreover, Guneet Monga, the producer of the film, also received a profile boost from the award-winning documentary, receiving almost 30,000 new followers since the award ceremony, said the report.

Kartiki Gonsalves also got deserved attention for her directorial role, as her Wikipedia page views exploded after the Oscars ceremony by over 1,25,000.

In addition, her Instagram account gained over 25,000 followers, almost doubling her follower count overnight, the report mentioned.

Meanwhile, online searches for "Naatu Naatu" on Google skyrocketed by a whopping 1,105 per cent worldwide after the super-hit song from the Telugu blockbuster "RRR" won the Best Original Song at the 95th Academy Awards, according to a report.