Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian cine industry and movie lovers across the country seem to be quite excited to celebrate National Cinema Day this year on Friday, i.e. Sept 23, with Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva. As the ticket prices in all theatres have been slashed to Rs 75 to celebrate the big day, the advance ticket booking for the Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt-starrer is going to register a massive record. Brahmastra has already broken its own record of day-one ticket sales. 

As per the latest reports, the first installment of the 'Astraverse' has already made Rs 6.82 crore (Hindi) from its advance booking so far. 'Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva' registered several new records with a mammoth gross collection at the box office globally. While the craze for the movie still prevails, now all eyes are on Brahmastra: Part Two: Dev, and the related updates.

It seems the boycott calls, controversies and all other negative aspects intending to affect the movie's collection worked in a diverse way. Here we bring you a collection of information from various sources related to the magnum opus and the trilogy of Brahmastra and its Astraverse.  

Brahmastra trilogy and its budget

By now, all are aware that the first installment of the Brahmastra trilogy was made at a whooping budget of Rs 410 crore. But, rumours were abuzz that the budget exceeded Rs 650 crore. However, recently, without revealing the precise budget figures of the movie, Ranbir in an interview clarified that the budget was not just for part one but for the entire trilogy. Informing about the budget, Ranbir said that the movie was a VFX-heavy project and a huge investment was required for building assets. This investment will also be used for future projects for which the budget of the first flick was higher.   

Brahmastra and Astraverse

It is well informed that the makers will come up with the sequel, Brahmastra: Part Two- Dev. Though there was an unexpected delay in bringing the first part, the makers are in no mood to delay the release of the sequel and triquel. Though it was earlier announced that Brahmastra is a planned trilogy, the maker recently dropped a hint that the magnum opus might have more installments. 

During an interview, helmer Ayan Mukerji was quoted as saying "The possibility of exploring the Astraverse is endless. There are multiple films that can be made on the history and universe of every Astra."

Well, for the admirers of Brahmastra, such a hint is certainly exciting. The hint suggests that the makers might come up with more installment of Astraverse in which the audience will be able to explore more about the Astraverse. The movies will stress more persons wielding different Astras which clearly indicates the inclusion of several other prominent figures in the franchise.  

Brahmastra Part Two and Part Three

'Brahmastra: Part Two- Dev' is now the topic of discussion among movie lovers. While all are aware that the sequel will have a prime focus on Dev and Amrita, the audience will see Ranbir aka Shiva locking horns with Dev. However, there is no information regarding the triquel. But, the makers have hinted at its making.

During an interview, director Ayan revealed that the team has planned to shoot both part two and part three together so that they don't delay the release dates and keep a long gap. It seems the makers have made up their minds not to keep the audience waiting for a long time for the sequel and triquel, like part one. Both part two and part three will be out in the theatres as per the schedule. 

Brahmastra: Part Two- Dev

While the entire team is riding on the success of part one, several rumours and fan theories are doing rounds on social media platforms regarding the sequel. While reports of introducing Deepika Padukone as Amrita wielding Jalastra are strong, it is touted that Ranveer Singh will be seen as Dev in the sequel. However, even some speculate that Hrithik Roshan will be stepping into the Astraverse as Dev. 

Apart from that, it is expected that the cameo appearances of Shah Rukh Khan as a scientist wielding Banarastra and Nagarjuna as artist Anish wielding Nandiastra might get a major boost in the sequel. 

However, Ayan has admitted that he wasn't able to share enough about the Brahmastra. Talking about it, the director said, "What is it exactly, what is its creative possibility, destructive potential. So, definitely, Shiva and his connection with Brahmastra, how he managed to calm it down, it is a continuous track."

"As we get into Dev's story and part two's story, we have to and will bring a lot of focus on Brahmastra. Part one showed a layer of the story. In all three parts of Brahmastra, we will open by going deeper into the story." Ayan said.

Well, such revelation by the director is an eye opener for all who loved the movie and are anticipating part two, its update and release.