Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The Kapoors are one of the most respected families in the Hindi film industry. Following Prithviraj Kapoor's reigns, Raj Kapoor or fondly called as the 'show man' of Bollywood carried on the legacy of entertaining the audience. He along with his brothers ruled Indian cinema for several years. Further, his sons, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir and Rajiv were the heirs of the show man. Leaving apart Rajiv, his other two lads got established in the industry and the rest is history. 

Next, it was the age of the grand children of the show man. Karishma, Kareena and Ranbir. Though the eldest, Karishma is lost out from the league, Kareena and Ranbir still are still firmly saddled in the industry.

As per the general belief, the heirs of Kapoors must have enjoyed a celebrity life from their childhood just like Taimur. But, here is a story about Ranbir that many are unaware of!

It’s been a year now legendary actor Rishi Kapoor passed away leaving everyone in grief, with Neetu Singh Kapoor left alone with her children- Ranbir and Riddhima, she is spending time with them. 

Recently, Neetu, who also was counted among the top actresses of 70s and 80s, has opened up about her bond with her children. 

During an interview with Filmfare, the veteran actress said she shares a special relationship with Ranbir. The bond between the duo include discussing everything about movies. 

"We always discussed about movies. Since the beginning, we shared such a relationship. Now, I also discuss the scripts that come to me. Any films offered to me, I discuss with him," Said Neetu.

Remembering the days in the past, she said how Ranbir took her on lunch with his saved money.

"I remember a nice incident from Mother's Day. Ranbir had just started earning," said Neetu.

Back then probably Ranbir was working as an assistant director in the blockbuster movie Black starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukerji. 

“He took me to a restaurant called 'Just Eat Around The Corner'. It served lunches at Rs 100 and we had to fill the whole plate at one go. So, that was my best Mother's Day. We stood in a line with a plate and saw everyone piling up their plate with food as you could go only once to fill the plate. And, I was the proudest mother that day as that was the first ever lunch my son had taken me out for," remembered Neetu. 

Differentiating the personalities of the both siblings Neetu says, "Riddhima goes crazy when I just cough while Ranbir just asks me."
Revealing more about their upbringing in younger days, Neetu reminisced that her husband Rishi Kapoor wanted them to have a normal upbringing. 

Going into a bit detail, she said, when Ranbir was working as an assistant director, Rishi told him to go by an auto or catch a bus to the shooting sets. While on the other side Ranbir being so tall used to face troubles. He had to travel in the economy class when he had to go to America. Boarding on the long flights, he used to complain his mother that his legs got numb and felt jammed. Being a caring mother Neetu only made sure that his son got an asile seat so that he could stretch his legs. 

Neetu gives all the credit of such normal upbringing of their children to Rishi as she used to spoil them.

Well, this is something eye-opening for everyone who think star-kids are blessed, they enjoy life unlike the normal kids and they inherit the celebrity tag from their parents or family members. Ranbir Kapoor's early life before becoming a super star was as normal as a common man.

Apart from that, many even are unaware of another fact about Ranbir. 

The Rockstar has worked in a short film- Karma. The short movie was meant for Bandra Film Festival and was nominated for Oscar's.

Initially the short film was titled 'India 1964' but now it is streaming on YouTube with Karma as the title. The movie was directed by his friend Abhay Chopra and it was much before making his  debut in film industry with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saawariya in 2004 opposite Sonam Kapoor.