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Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Anupamaa and Anuj will decide to hire Kavya for their joint project.
  • It will upset Vanraj who will have a heated argument with Kavya and Anu.
  • This upsets Pakhi who asks a serious question to her parents.

In Anupamaa, Kavya is desperate to get a good job and approaches Anuj Kapadia for it. Anuj on the other hand says that since the project belongs to Anu, she will decide whether to offer the job opportunity to Kavya or not. Anuj and Anupamma discuss things over and finally decide to hire Kavya for the project of Anu. But Anuj gives a warning to Kavya. He warns her that Kavya’s working with them should not in any way bring Vanraj into the office.

Anuj says that he will not tolerate it if Vanraj creates a scene after Kavya joins the office. Kavya promises that it will not happen. When Kavya goes home and tells Vanraj that she has joined Anu and Anuj Kapadia’s project, Vanraj gets very furious. He says that Anuj is a puppet of Anupamaa and he dances according to the strings pulled by Anuj. This upsets Kavya who angrily says to Vanraj that he has a sick mind and should get it checked by a doctor.

This enrages Vanraj further and he picks up a flower vase nearby and smashes it. This hurts Vanraj’s hand and it starts bleeding. Anupamaa panics seeing blood coming out of Vanraj’s hand and she tries to touch him. But her ex-husband pulls out his hand from her grip forcefully which imbalances Anupamma’s stand and she almost falls but Kavya supports her.

All this drama is happening in front of the Shah family which also includes Vanraj and Anu’s daughter. She is very much upset with all the drama and says something that is highly relatable to families that are falling apart. Pakhi says that if there are differences between husband and wife they can divorce and separate but what about children who are tired of the behavior of their parents, what can they do?

Now it would be interesting to see whether this insight given by Pakhi helps Vanraj and Anupamaa see their relationship in a new light or not.

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