Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Dr.Advait aka ApurvaAgnihotri’s exit from Anupamaa touched the hearts of fans.

  • Fans are already demanding return of Apurva to the show as they feel watching Anupamma may not be the same after his exit.

  • Comeback of Dr. Advait can add new dimension to the already interesting story of Anupamaa.

The earlier episodes of Anupamaa showed the Shah family heading back home from the resort while Kavya gears up to start her married life. One of the most unforgettable moments of the serial was when Dr. Advait aka Apurva Agnihotri bids adieu to Anupamma.

As is known when Anu first met Dr. Advait while he was playing the flute. So when it is time to say goodbye, she asks her Guruji aka Dr. Advait to do so and he readily agrees.

The exit of Dr. Advait was a heart-wrenching moment and fans are already missing his presence on Anupamaa. They want Apurva to return on the show and once again reprise Dr. Advait. A user wrote on social media, “Guru jiplz show me wapas aajayiye.” Many other fans of Anupamaa have made similar demands saying that the show will not be the same without Dr. Advait’s presence.

The serial is currently at the top and is winning hearts. So the makers might think of giving in to the demand of fans that have made sure that Anupamaa continues to get the highest TRP. Also, many have suggested that there is a good scope for the character of Dr. Advait to evolve in the current scenario now that Anu is alone and Vanraj is starting married life with Kavya.

As is known Anupamaa has just now recovered from cancer surgery and is yet to plan what she is supposed to do next. And Kavya is always finding ways to insult her at every step. Earlier when Kavya discusses her honeymoon plans with Vanraj in front of the entire family, Baa slams her for discussing such a thing in front of the children. When Kavya starts shouting, Anu asks Vanraj to stop Kavya and this triggers a war of words between Kavya and her V.

Fans believe that there will be more such situations in the show and even though Anu has become a stronger woman post-separation from Vanraj, Dr. Advait’s support will be a big help for her. So will the makers bring back Dr. Advait aka Apurva Agnihotri?