Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Anupamma reaches the wedding venue of Vanraj and Kavya and finds the latter hitting Samar.

  • Anupamma gives an earful to Kavya for threatening her family.

  • Fans celebrate the moment of Anu hitting at Kavya with meme fest on Twitter.

It was a celebration time for Anupamaa fans recently when finally they saw the aggressive and powerful avatar of Anu. The fans could not stop themselves from celebrating it by having a meme fest on Twitter.

As is known, currently the episodes are showing the track of Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage. But now that Vanraj is missing Kavya is furious and threatens Anupamaa as well as the Shah family.



In the last episode, when Anu finally reaches the wedding venue, she finds that Kavya is trying to hit her son Samar. This enrages Anu and she pulls down the hand Kavya.

Anupamaa gives Kavya an earful saying, “Mere bacche se dur hat. Yeh silbatte pe masala pisane wale haath hai.  Yeh khana banana bhi janate hai aur sabak sikhana bhi janate hai. Ab agar tune jara bhi chillaya ya mere pariwar ko kuch bhi kaha toh jin hathon se dhaga bandkar Vanraj ki tere saath shaadi karane ka vaada kiya than na usi haath se yeh tera mandap ukhadke phek dungi. Phir karte rehna apne V se shaadi.”

Usually, Anupamaa is known for her polite and humble behavior. But ever since she has come in contact with Dr. Advait, Anu has emerged stronger.  And that is what fans have been demanding for a long. They were bored of watching Kavya and Vanraj taking advantage of the soft side of Anu. So when she finally hit back at Kavya with full force, fans of the serial celebrated the act sharing memes on Twitter.

Neither the Shah family nor Anupamaa knows about the whereabouts of Vanraj who has gone missing on his wedding day with Kavya. So it would be interesting to watch how in the upcoming episodes the family finds Vanraj and why and where did he go to avoid his impending wedding with Kavya.