Poonam Singh

The immensely popular show 'Anupamaa,' starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline. Recent episodes depicted Anupamaa's tough journey in America, where she encountered various trials and tribulations.

Stranded in a foreign land after her luggage was stolen, Anupamaa found solace and employment as a waitress at the Spice and Chutney restaurant. Amidst her struggles, she forged new connections and even participated in America's prestigious cooking reality show, Superstar Chef, emerging victorious and winning a substantial prize of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

However, her joy is short-lived as her son, Toshu, betrays her trust by scheming to seize her hard-earned prize money for his own business ventures. Despite the heartfelt celebrations organised by Toshu upon her return, Anupamaa becomes wary of his intentions upon learning of his ulterior motives.

As Toshu attempts to manipulate Anupamaa into relinquishing her winnings, she is left reeling from the betrayal, contemplating her future in America. On the other hand, Shruti’s encouragement for Anupamaa to return to India also leaves Anu torn as she wants to stay in America and improve her relationship with her daughter Adhaya.

Meanwhile, actor Aashish Mehrotra who plays Toshu announced his exit from the show after being part of it since its beginning. Taking to Instagram, he posted several photos from Anupamaa set with his co-stars and penned an emotional note bidding adieu as Tosh after playing the character for almost four years.

In the caption, he wrote, "It was a beautiful beautiful journey... a beautiful journey of almost 4 years as your "Toshu" in Anupamaa... The character being just the opposite of who I am as a person... has made it more challenging and fun to live with.. It has been a huge roller coaster ride.. But whatttt a ride!!! From a topper in college - mba gold medalist, most loved son being the 1st born, then the rebel child, drunkard , bhaag kar shaadi karne waala lover, saas ka ghulaam- ghar jamai, selfish money lover, loving brother, comic property dealer to being bed ridden after a stroke.. apne bacchi chura kar bhag gaya tha... kyaaa kyaa nahi kiyaa hai yaar in this journey... Toshus love for his father was the most special thing to me in this journey.. It brings tears instantly... Its all so overwhelming..." 

Thanking fans for all the love and appreciation, he added, "I found some amazing people through this journey who will stay with me for life... and to my audience my second family - thank you for hating me soo much that I could feel your love and connect with me always. You guys will see me soon in some other roop or may be the real me... Seeking your acceptance, love, blessings forever. Signing off with tons of gratitude."