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  • High blood sugar offer a conducive environment for growth of the yeast.
  • Hence in people with uncontrolled diabetes yeast infections are very much common.

Being constantly thirsty is very common during summer. But it is also a sign of high blood sugar levels. So many times high levels of blood sugar might go unnoticed as some signs might get confused with common symptoms caused due to weather changes or food habits. That is why as a diabetic or pre-diabetic you must know about certain uncommon signs that indicate a spike in your blood sugar levels during summer.

Increase in thirst

Due to high sugar levels, your kidneys start working harder so that the excess glucose is filtered and absorbed by the body. It leads to fluid loss through frequent urination and thus you feel thirsty all the time. Avoid sugary beverages and drink lots of fluid and at the same time keep on monitoring your blood sugar levels.

Urinating frequently

Since kidneys work harder due to high blood sugar levels you tend to urinate frequently. In summer it is so common to assume that since you are drinking more water and fluid to keep yourself cool and chilled you are urinating more. But it can also be because of a spike in blood sugar levels and hence this uncommon sign should not be overlooked.

Are you feeling tired?

Feeling tired and dull is normal if the weather conditions are hot. However, if you are feeling too tired, lethargic, and distressed it can be because your blood sugar levels are high. More often tiredness is also accompanied by sleeplessness. In such conditions, it is better to seek help from your doctor.

Yeast infections

High blood sugar offers a conducive environment for growth of the yeast and hence in people with uncontrolled diabetes yeast infections are very common. But in summer it is normal for even non-diabetic people to get yeast infection and hence your sugar issues can go unnoticed. Hence if the yeast infection persists even after a week’s treatment, it is better to consult a doctor.

Blurred vision

High blood sugar levels disrupt the functioning of the body in general. It also affects eye health and can cause the lenses to swell as a result of which your vision can get blurred. Seek immediate medical attention to avoid long-term damage.

(Disclaimer: This piece of article is for basic information purposes only. It's always advisable to consult a doctor for any type of health issue.)

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