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  • In an old interview, SRK revealed that he does a lot of uncreative and highly disturbing work.
  • In the same interview he revealed why he does that.

Shah Rukh Khan has been on the top for decades now. In his career span of over 30 years, his stupendous success ensured that many scripts and roles are written keeping his image in mind. Be it Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Pathaan, SRK has led such movies on his shoulders with aplomb and hence many would think why he does not stick to doing only creative and good work instead of doing uncreative projects that do not go well with his level of talent and stardom.

During an old interview session held for the students at Yale University, Shah Rukh Khan gave an elaborate answer to this one and why it is important to keep and pursue your original creative craft despite odds while simultaneously working on some uncreative or less satisfactory assignments. During this interview, he was asked to advice people/students who are creative and are very good at their craft but instead of taking risks, they try to choose a safer job.

In reply to this, the King Khan said, “I will tell you how I have done it. I have done theatre. And I truly believe in being very creative and very artistic and a very serious actor at times. I do. When I see a lot of work that is being done by other actors in my own country and outside I feel envious at times as I feel I have not been able to do that. Because like you said when I came to Mumbai and I tell this to all the kids that yes surviving is the most important.”

Shah Rukh Khan further said, “I am not going to teach you about listening it is all good to go to the top of Himalayas and do your creative writing whether anyone reads it or not. No, people must read it. It must become a bestseller. I very shamelessly say that I’m one of the most capitalist human beings you will find on the face of this earth. I truly believe that you need to find a place where you can make the choices you want to make.”

The Bollywood superstar said that do the other uncreative work if you want to survive and pay your bills and do not want to succumb to the pressure. But when you are in a position to do the creative work you should never misuse it. SRK added, “That’s the one thing that I decided to do. I do a lot of advertising. A lot of people question me about the uncreative work I do. I think 10 things I do out of it 7 things are highly uncreative and very disturbing at times. I have a big bathroom. I sit there and cry after doing those things. I genuinely do I am not lying. I want kids to know that.”

Some of the best and most realistic advice Srk has given.
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The Badshah of Bollywood said that he does those things, takes the money that comes with it, and would like to create a production house, a film-making institution that would do the creative stuff which he wanted to do when he was 25. SRK said, “It may get late. It may be 50 or 55 years and may not be at the age of 26 when I dreamt of it. But I am sure I will make the right choices.”

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