Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • In the current track, both Anuj and Anu stumble upon each other in the US.
  • Anuj is now obsessed with Anupamaa and his obsessed behaviour will leave Anu scared.

In Anupamma it was the chemistry between Anu and Anuj Kapadia that left the fans hooked last year. Fans got so overwhelmed with their bonding both on and off the screen that they started trending #MAan. Naturally, when the two separated after the leap on the show, fans were disappointed.

In the current track, both Anuj and Anu stumble upon each other in the US, and the former gets obsessed with Anu even though he is poised to get engaged to another girl. He simply does not want to let go of Anu and this obsession has started scaring Anupamaa.

Rumours are adrift that scared of this behaviour of Anuj Kapadia, Anupamaa will leave him for good. Gossip mills are also saying that in real life Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna are not on speaking terms and seem to be uncomfortable with each other.

While earlier they enjoyed good bonding and even shared BTS clips enjoying each other’s company fans seem to believe that Gaurav and Rupali currently are not bonding well even off the screen.

That can be one reason why there are speculations that the MAan chapter in Anupamaa will come to an end and will be replaced by AnuDeep. Yashdeep played by Vaquar Shaikh is the new entry on the show and fans have already loved the way Yashdeep has been looking adoringly at Anu.

Ever since Vaquar dropped a BTS from the show fans have been speculating that Yashdeep’s character might get more space.

Fans have even said that AnuDeep will look good as a couple. As of now, these are only speculations as many MAan fans have pointed out that this cold war between Rupali and Gaurav is just gossip and PR tactics similar to what happened when Anupamaa left Vanraj.

Even at that time, rumours were adrift that Rupali and Sudhanshu were not getting along but that never was the case.