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  • A user recently shared experience of shooting as an audience on The Kapil Sharma Show.
  • She revealed how even the interaction with the audience and celeb responses are pre-planned.

Kapil Sharma and his team are coming up with a new show for Netflix. Incidentally, now that Sunil Grover has once again reunited with Kapil, fans are eagerly awaiting it to start streaming on the OTT platform.

However, die-hard fans of The Kapil Sharma Show have still not forgotten the moments of laughter and comedy the team of Kapil, Sunil Grover, Kiku Sharda, and later on Krushna Abhishek, and Bharti Singh created for the audience.

As everyone knows, many guests are allowed to be a part of the live show and enjoy direct interaction with the celebrities. Naturally for die-hard Kapil Sharma fans, the biggest moment will be to be one among the audience while the shooting for the show is on.

So when a discussion thread about who has been to the Kapil Sharma Show started on Reddit, a user shared his first-hand experience which was quite interesting.

In reply, the user said that she had gone to the show as an audience with her cousins in 2016. The Reddit user wrote, “Yes I have been to the show with my cousins in 2016. It is good. We are told to clap for every entry like Gutthi, Rajiv Thakur etc (I had gone for the Sonakshi Sinha episode for Akira promotions) You need to come early so you get seats in the front. But of course, they sometimes change your seats for various reasons.”

Reddit userReddit user-@Dilliwaligirlfriend

It was the time when Navjyot Sidhu was a part of the show and the makers identified 4 to 5 pretty girls who were a part of the audience and asked them to sit behind him. The user named @Dilliwaligirlfriend said that they were served pav bhaji but were not allowed phones.

According to her the Q&A sessions with the audience on The Kapil Sharma Show that looked so impromptu were rather very much pre-planned and were short-listed from the first and those with funny dances/stories were selected. She added, “And Kapil likes to shoot till late at night so it starts around 7 PM and ends late in case the guest star comes late. Luckily Sonakshi was on sets before time. I liked that Kapil Sharma / Sunil Grover and the rest of the cast are not the ones who take too many retakes. They are well rehearsed.”