Cassian Baliarsingh

It is the dream of every jobseeker to land a lucrative high-paying job and settle down in life. However, a few people are not impressed or motivated by the monetary profits. There still exist many humble and kind-hearted people who want to live a simple life and prefer to serve the country rather than fill their bank accounts.

One such inspiring man is IAS Ayush Goel. An IIM graduate, Ayush quit his Rs 28LPA job to qualify for the UPSC exam and serve the country. Although his family members and friends were initially against his decision, he inspired them all with his decision to serve the country as a civil servant.

Hailing from a humble background, Ayush’s father Subhash Chandra Goel was a grocery store owner. However, his family always encouraged him to study well despite various family problems and financial constraints.

A talented Goel secured 91.2% in Class 10 and went on to secure 96.2% in his Class 12 exam. Later, he got a degree in Economics with honours from Hansraj College of Delhi University and began studying for the CAT exam.

He passed the CAT exam with an impressive percentile and went on to pursue an MBA at IIM Kozhikode in Kerala. His father had taken a loan of Rs 20L to sponsor his education. With amazing grades, Ayush managed to join JP Morgan Chase & Co. as an analyst after finishing his MBA.

He was getting a hefty amount of Rs 28L per year and his parents were more than happy. However, their happiness was short-lived after he decided to quit the high-paying job and prepare for UPSC. He left the job and started his preparations at home.

He did not take any coaching and instead focused on his self-study. Without fail, he spent eight to ten hours a day studying non-stop. He watched tutorial videos to understand better. With his unflinching hard work, he cracked the UPSC with AIR-171 in his maiden attempt.

His parents who were disheartened after he quit his job are now more than happy that he is among the country’s most talented IAS officers.