Vikash Sharma

The Odisha Higher Education Department on Monday released the guidelines and dateline for PG vacant seat admission (Spot-II) and admissions under SAMS for the academic year 2021-22.

As per the official notification, the online common application form will be available from December 15, 2021. The last date for providing fresh option in the common application form in the student login is December 19, 2021.

The PG vacant seat admission merit list will be published on December 22, the notification read.

The following categories of candidates are eligible to apply:

-Candidates, who are previously selected, uploaded the graduation marks and taken admissions and/or previously selected and not taken admission during first, second, spot-1 or spot-1 waiting selection.

-Candidates who have appeared CPET-2021, uploaded the graduation marks but not selected during first, second, spot-1 or spot-1 waiting selection.

Other Guidelines

-A candidate has to provide only 1 fresh option (University/college along with PG admission subject) where he/she wants to take admission. He/she can apply for the subject in which they had appeared the entrance (CPET 2021). The earlier entered options will not be considered for the PG vacant seat admission (Spot-II).

-There is no need to deposit the CAF fees. Those, who could not pay the CAF fees because of various reasons, will deposit the fees during the time of admissions along with admission fee.

-In PG vacant seat admission (Spot –II), reservation and weightage system will not be entertained. All the seats will be de-reserved and selection will be done on merit (Career Mark + CPET Mark) only.

-The PG vacant seat Admission (Spot-II) merit list will be prepared online in order of merit. -After publication of the merit list, the selected candidate can pay the admission fees and generate the intimation letter in his/her student's login. After generation of intimation letter, s/he has to report the allotted Institute on the scheduled timeline for admission.

- Those who have taken admission in earlier phases need to deposit differential amount of admission fees, if selected. For newly selected candidates, they will have to deposit the full amount as per the admission fees provided by the concerned institutions.

-In case of any mismatch found in marks during admission at the Universities/Colleges, then the candidature will be cancelled and not considered during the current academic session 2021-22.

-Candidate's admission will be updated at selected University/College level as per the previous selection process.

-1n addition to the merit list, all the remaining candidates will also be placed in the waiting list. In case the candidates do not turn up for admission within the stipulated timeline, Universities/Colleges can publish the selection list out of the waiting list candidates and update in their e-Space like previous Spot-I phase.

-Candidate, selected from waiting list, has to pay the fees to generate the intimation letter. After generation of intimation letter, s/he has to report the selected institute on the scheduled timeline along with printout of CAF and other certificates, mark sheets from matriculation to degree at the Institution for verification and admission.

-For the candidates, who will take admission in Spot-II PG Vacant Seat Admission, Transfer Certificate will be issued automatically online after successful payment of admission fees.

-All newly admitted candidates shall submit the original CLC.

-In Spot-II PG Vacant Seat Admission, the state wide merit list published earlier will not be taken for consideration.

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