Poonam Singh

Cracking the UPSC exam is a dream nurtured by countless aspirants, yet it eludes many due to its formidable nature. Regarded as one of India's toughest exams, it requires hard work and dedication along with the right strategy. Every year around 8-10 lakh aspirants apply for UPSC to become IAS, IPS and other civil servants. But only 1000 of them were able to make it to the final list. Some of them even try for 4-6 attempts for the prestigious exam.

Achieving success in the UPSC exam requires not just hard work, but an unyielding focus and dedication. Today, we will talk about the inspiring journey of IAS officer K Jayaganesh who faced many troubles in his life but emerged victorious finally. 

According to a DNA report, hailing Vinavamangalam, a small village in the Vellore district, Jayaganesh's childhood was spent in poverty.

His father worked in a factory and somehow managed to maintain the family. Jayaganesh's childhood reflections were deeply marked by the dire conditions of his family and village.

Motivated to uplift his community, he pursued education in his village school until the 8th standard. Following this, he enrolled in a polytechnic college with the expectation of securing a job post-graduation. Having excelled with a remarkable 91 per cent in the examination, Jayaganesh proceeded to study mechanical engineering at Tanthi Periyar Institute of Technology. Despite securing a job with a monthly salary of Rs 2,500 after graduation, the financial constraints of his family became apparent.

On the other hand, he was also dreaming of becoming an IAS, so he quit that job and started preparing for UPSC. Despite facing failure six times in the civil service examination, Jayaganesh remained resilient, undeterred by familial pressure and financial challenges. 

He took up odd jobs to sustain himself during this challenging phase, even securing a position in the Intelligence Bureau exam.

Eventually, Jayaganesh's hard work paid off as he achieved 156th rank in his last attempt in the UPSC examination.