Vikash Sharma

News Highlights

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to adopt an Integrated Payment System (IPS) for the management and disbursement of various payments including TA and DA.

The objective of the move is to develop reliable payment mechanism and ensure proper digital governance in the post-pandemic world, the central education board said in a press release.

As per the CBSE statement, the newly developed system has digitally transformed a previously manual and time-consuming system into an efficient system that is devoid of human error. Earlier all payments were made to various functionaries in a long and time-consuming process due to the manual nature of the system.

Being a National education body, the responsibility of conducting public examinations for schools affiliated with CBSE and various other competitive examinations such as CTET, recruitment tests lies with the Board.

Close to 10 lakh faculty members including Principals and teachers offer their services for the smooth conduct of such examinations.

“Around 10,000 principals/ educational administrators are also appointed for the inspections of schools for affiliation/upgradation. All functionaries involved in examination or affiliation related duties would be paid an honorarium and TA/DA for their services after they manually raised a bill to the concerned authority. The payment process would earlier take close to 6 months to complete,” the release read.

As per CBSE, The introduction of a normative payment system through Integrated Payment System (IPS) allows for automatic calculations which eradicate the need for human intervention.

How the System Works:

-After the submission of inspection reports in case of inspection duties and duty compilation certificate in case of exam duties or other such supporting documents, IPS allows for direct bank transfers of honorarium and TA/DA to the intended payee.

-This will be achieved through software integration with the bank payment gateway.

-The system relies on self-declaration/certification and has considerably improved the ease of undertaking such transactions.

-The IPS also allows for automatic validation checks which not only reduces the time taken to complete the payment process, but also reduces the possibility of committing false transactions and non-genuine disbursements.

-The features of the newly developed IPS are in consonance with the principles of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) and Ease of Living (EoL), and has been implemented successfully for Affiliation Inspection Payment, Board and CTET Examination duty payments.