Ramakanta Biswas

Civil services examination is a tough nut to crack. Rigorous study, hard work and perseverance are the keys to clearing the prestigious exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Tips and proper guidance of those who successfully passed the examination are also crucial and they immensely help aspirants prepare for the examination in which the success rate is as low as 0.2%.
However, the examination pattern of the UPSC has undergone a sea change with the passage of time and the methods followed by previous aspirants might have become irrelevant, to some extent, in the current scenario. 

Throwing light on the crucial aspect, senior IAS officer Arun Bothra opined that bureaucrats who cracked the examinations decades back may not now be able to mentor the current aspirants. 

"Dear IAS aspirants. The officers who got into the service some 2-3 decades ago don’t have much idea about current trends and pattern of the exam. They may motivate you but mentoring is different game altogether. No one can coach you over WhatsApp or DM," Bothra wrote on his Twitter handle. 

The viewpoint of Bothra received much traction on the microblogging site. Rajeshwari B, a 2011 batch IAS officer from Jharkhand, backed the opinion of Bothra and wrote, "Right sir! Many seeking advice but we are unaware of the changes that have been made in the last decade and feel can give generic advice only."

"I absolutely agree sir!! No one can crack UPSC or OPSC through WhatsApp group!!," wrote B.Sweekruti Panda, an Odisha Civil Services officer of 2015 batch. 

Ratnam Goswami, who introduces himself as an aspirant, however, put forth a different viewpoint altogether. "But sir these officer can help aspirants from practical approach to deal situation. like in solving case studies Gs4 . what action would you take as an Officer , secratary etc and why??? UPSC ask in mains ..same like Anil swaroop sir's book on ethical dilemma faces by Officer," he wrote. 

Ashok Parmar, an IAS officer from Jammu and Kashmir, expressed his view on the topic and wrote, "Dear #IAS aspirants. Best wishes for success. Don't attempt #UPSC full time unless one has good financial support. Assess your capabilities and attempt accordingly. Don't have regret if you fail. Lot of career opportunities available. Enjoy. Life is more than #IAS and #UPSC."