Rashmi Rekha Das

Lady blackmailer Archana Nag, who was known to only a few until five days back, has exploded into the limelight. Her name was first heard after Khandagiri police arrested her on charges of shooting obscene videos of bigwigs including politicians, film producers and businessmen and blackmailing them.  

Since then, she has become talk of the town with more sensational revelations surrounding her coming to the fore each passing day. OTV presents a ground report on Archana’s lifestyle and her modus operandi.  

Modest Beginnings 

Despite not belonging to a high profile family, she set up her empire just by blackmailing VIPs after shooting their intimate videos. Born and brought up at Kesinga of Kalahandi district, Archana is the eldest daughter. However, her journey from Kesinga to Bhubaneswar and establishing her empire is nothing short of a Bollywood criminal thriller.  

Local residents of the area claimed that her family’s financial condition was not good back then but at the same time they have exclaimed how the girl, who is now married, can grow to such heights in such a short span of time. 

When asked about Archana, local Nihar Ranjan Mishra  was quoted saying, “She was born in Lanjigarh and had studied in Kesinga, because her mother was working here. She was not from well-to-do family. We haven’t seen her for years.”

Similarly, her partner in crime and husband Jagabandhu hails from a below-poverty family in Jaleswar of Balasore district. You will be surprised to know that his family still lives in a thatched hut in the village. There was a time when he worked as an assistant at his father’s small grocery store.

However, he moved to Bhubaneswar and started working at a hotel. Later, he came in contact with Archana and married her. The couple can make any international conman a run for their money. 

Modus Operandi 

Archana very cunningly develops friendship with high profile people. She then invites them to her house and get intimate with them. She then records intimate videos through secret cameras and later blackmails them demanding huge money. In the process, the lady blackmailer set up her empire with the help of her husband Jagabandhu.

Not thousands or lakhs, the couple have blackmailed and extorted in crores from their victims. This is how she has accumulated jaw-dropping bungalow, foreign dogs, horse, and high-end cars. Mostly high-profile politicians, high-profile businessmen, government officials and even film producers and directors have fallen prey of Archana. 

Her Game Over...

Bringing Archana’s game to the fore, Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh said “A complaint has been filed against Archana by a woman with Khandagiri police on October 2. The complainant alleged that she has been trapped by Archana who befriended her and managed to win her confidence. Later, she succeeded to take her obscene photos in her phone and blackmailed her. Archana asked her to develop intimacy with Parija and blackmail him.”

Story So Far..

The complainant who had come to the state capital in search of job met Archana in 2018. As they were residing in a same building on rent, they became closer. Later, Archana persuaded her to earn through recording sex videos of influential persons and blackmailing them. Archana and her husband Jagabandhu made the complainant to consume softdrink laced with alcohol following which she lost her consciousness. When the complainant gained her sense, she was taken aback to find herself naked. It was then Archana and her husband started blackmailing her.

"That’s not the end of the story. In the month of April, Archana gave Akshay Parija’s number to the victim and asked her start to chat with him. She was even forced to invite Parija one day and establish physical relations with him. Archana recorded their entire act before starting blackmailing Parija with the help of the girl thereafter”, police sources revealed.