Rashmi Rekha Das

Days after the arrest of lady blackmailer Archana Nag on charges of shooting obscene videos of bigwigs and blackmailing them, more sensational revelations surrounding her are coming to the fore each passing day. 

Earlier, cine producer Akhshay Parija had lodged a complaint with Nayapalli police station accusing her of blackmailing him. Besides, he had brought allegations against another woman who befriended him in social media one and half years back. Later, she asked him for casting him in his film. In the process, she developed close intimacy with him. In the meantime, Archana Nag intervened in this case and threatened to viral his photo with the girl. She threatened him of dire consequences if her demands were not met, sources said. 

Meanwhile, OTV accessed the FIR copy of the film producer filed against Archana Nag and another woman. 

“Archana identified herself as a lawyer and blackmailed me citing that she has recorded obscene videos of me with her client. Archana had made a deal with me at a city-based posh hotel and demanded Rs 3 crore from me. If money is not given, she has threatened to kill me by cutting me into pieces,” mentions the FIR copy.

Before Parija filed a complaint against Archana, a woman had brought casting couch allegations against Parija. Now, the whereabouts of the unknown girl are yet to be revealed.

Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh said, “On October 2, a complaint has been filed against Archana by a woman with Khandagiri police. The complainant alleged that she has been trapped by Archana who befriended her and managed to win her confidence. Later, she succeeded to take her obscene photos in her phone and blackmailed her. Archana asked her to develop intimacy with Parija and blackmail him.”

Report: Alok Mohanty, OTV