Vikash Sharma

After unleashing terror with a series of crimes, the 7-member ‘Irani Gang’ was busted by the Commissionerate Police on Tuesday. The gang members hail from Madhya Pradesh and used to loot valuables from people in Bhubaneswar by posing as police and officials of other investigating agencies.

So far, the gang has been involved in 11 cases of robbery and snatching at different parts of Bhubaneswar. Rs 3.5 lakh cash, gemstones and other fake identity cards and documents have been recovered from their possession.

Twin City Police Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda said a special squad under the Bhubaneswar DCP has been successful in arresting the 7-member fake police gang.

“Group leader Sadik Hussain and all the members are from various parts of Madhya Pradesh. All of them are inter-related and involved in snatching, and robbery by posing as police personnel in various states. We have recovered Rs 3.5 lakh cash, gold ornaments, car, two motorcycles, gemstones and six mobile phones seized. The accused belong to the ‘Irani Gang’ as called in other states and used to commit crimes in Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha and Maharashtra. It has been found that they were arrested by Uttar Pradesh police in the past,” said Panda.

The probe indicates that the gang was involved in 11 crimes in the past three months in Bhubaneswar including robbery and loot. They used to take ornaments from victims on the pretext of keeping it safe. They also used to snatch ornaments in case of any resistance from victims, said Panda.

Panda said that assistance from Uttar Pradesh and other state police will be sought to carry out further investigation. The accused will also be brought on remand.

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