Cassian Baliarsingh

A man allegedly in a one-sided love with his sister-in-law attempted to kill his wife by running over a pick-up on her in Odisha.  The shocking incident has been reported from Bhubaneswar early on Sunday. The shocking footage of the heinous crime has been caught on CCTV camera.

In an attempt to kill his wife, the accused, identified as Akshay Behera tried to run over a pick-up van on her while she was riding her two-wheeler. It is alleged that Akshay hit her two-wheeler and dragged her for 500 metres, before fleeing the spot. The heinous incident has been reported from the Infocity area in Bhubaneswar.

Based on the CCTV footage, police arrested the accused Akshay along with the driver of the pick-up van.  The two have been forwarded to court, police sources said. 

According to reports, the accused Akshay was in an unrequited love with his wife’s elder sister. 

Being a married woman, she had warned him to mend his ways. This created a rift between the two families. However, in a bid to pressure her to accept his proposal, the accused had allegedly threatened his sister-in-law that he would kill her sister (his wife).

As usual, the victim had gone to work yesterday and was returning home when Akshay along with his hired driver and pick-up van hit her scooty from the rear and dragged her on the road. A few brave on-lookers chased the vehicle and admitted the injured to a private hospital.

The victim has suffered a fracture on her left hand and is currently undergoing treatment while her condition remains critical. 

Meanwhile, the scooty has been completely damaged. The heinous incident has sent shockwaves in the area.