Vikash Sharma

It seems that the illicit network of narcotics has tightened its grip over Bhubaneswar which is turning into a transit as well as supply hotspot. This was evident after the Commissionerate Police arrested an agent who was part of a major drugs racket in Bhubaneswar.

The accused has been identified as Dillip Behera who is said to be an associate of Deepak Behera.

Earlier in August, Deepak Behera was nabbed while trying to supply 282 grams of brown sugar in Tamando area. Senior officials informed that during interrogation and investigation, it was found that the accused Deepak had been procuring brown sugar in bulk from West Bengal for the past four to five years. He is doing this drugs business in Bhubaneswar city for his personal gain.

Moreover, he had engaged several agents in Bhubaneswar to run this business. All of them entered into a mutual agreement to spread the drug network in Bhubaneswar city.

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