New Delhi: Yoga is a great healer and contributor to improving strength, flexibility and endurance, but wrong yoga poses can make your daily life difficult instead of easy, say experts.

Minakshi Fullara, Chief Consultant, Physiotherapy, Aakash Healthcare, said overdoing it or doing it in the wrong manner can lead to acute injuries, chronic pain, overuse strain and hamstring pull.

Certain asanas of yoga like Paschimottanasana involves direct bending of spine in seated or long-standing position without bending of knees. This in turn puts direct load on spine giving it "C" shape and creating tension on ligaments and joint stability leading to severe disc prolapses and hip joint disorders.

So, always consider postural alignment, biomechanical stresses on joints and soft tissues and functional anatomical position while practising any yogic asana.

Wrist injuries are other most common things to happen when certain posture of yoga demand support from wrist.

Rotator cuff injuries are common to occur if biomechanical alignment is not appropriate while practising body weight on arms, resulting in excessive strain on rotator cuff muscles and thus, affecting shoulder dynamics.

To avoid these injuries: Get yourself assessed thoroughly by a physical therapist for your flexibility, core strength, joint mobility and learn properly before performing; respond to your body, if it signals to pain or stress.

Yoga expert Deepak Jha has also pointed out a few health problems that you might face if you are performing certain yoga pose wrongly.

* Backaches and slip disc: Yoga poses like Bharadvajasana, Bitilasana, Marjaryasana and many other yoga poses help you ease your back pain and back problems. If done incorrectly, it can create reverse effect.

* Ankle sprain: Yoga poses like Ardha Chandrasana, Malasana and Supta Virasana put pressure on your ankles. If done in an incorrect manner, they can injure your ankles severely.

* Stiff neck, sprain and pain in neck: Yoga asanas like Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana II and Kapotasana require involvement of neck.

These poses require you to bend and twist your neck and if you make a mistake while practising these, you can suffer from a stiff neck and sprain and pain in the neck.

* Muscle pulls: Your muscle can be pulled in most of the yoga poses if your body flexibility is not that strong enough.