Sangati Jogwar

The Kapil Sharma Show is doing quite well on Sony Television. Although the shooting has been paused in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, things may resume again after June. And the one thing that fans can expect when the show starts afresh is some change in the team members.

Fans have been hooting for the return of Sunil Grover aka Gutthi but it does not seem to be coming true. However, during the lockdown what the production house realized is that people love the earlier shows that had Navjyot Singh Sidhu on the chair. His ‘thoko taali’ and poetic words used to be a major highlight of the episode which fans seem to be missing now. That is why reports suggest that both Kapil Sharma and the production house look desperate to get Sidhu onboard.

Do Fans Prefer Sidhu Over Archana Puran Singh?

The Saudagar actress had a good stint as the judge in Comedy Circus that earlier aired on Sony Television. She shared the chair with lots of celebrities including Rohit Shetty, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Shekhar Suman, and more. While faces kept changing, it was only Archana who was retained by Vipul Shah for all the seasons because her laughter and vibrant energy made the show all the more entertaining.

Also, this is the show that gave fame to Kapil Sharma, Krushna Abhishek, and many other standup comedians. The pair of Kapil and Sumona Chakravarti was also formed here. So in a way, Archana is a witness to the entire journey of Kapil - from struggle to fame - and all the comedians on The Kapil Sharma Show have a comfort level with her.

But Navjyot Singh Sidhu with his intellect and international experience, name, and fame, contributes much more which takes the entertainment quotient of the show to a different level. That is why fans prefer him over Archana Puran Singh.

Kapil Keeps On Missing Sidhu Paaji

It was a controversial statement from the former opening batsman that led to the #boycottsidhu trend and the producers were forced to replace him quickly. But Kapil never lets anyone forget what they are missing and even keeps on taking a jab at Archanaji for taking Sidhu’s chair. He even appeared as Sidhu in one of the episodes showing how much the star cricketer and commentator is being missed.

Sidhu has a great comic sense and strong presence which made him a valuable part of the team. During the lockdown when fans watched old episodes with Sidhu on the chair, they realized what they were missing and now want him back. Also, the negativity surrounding the cricketing star has declined and people seem to be ready to accept him back.

The only reason that can stop Sidhu’s comeback on The Kapil Sharma Show is budget. Due to lockdown, the production houses have faced a huge loss. Also, the charges of Sidhu are said to be much more than the Mohabbatein actress. So in this crisis, whether the team thinks of getting Sidhu back or continues with Archana Puran Singh for some time more, remains to be seen.

(Edited By Devbrat Patnaik)